Welcome to Technical Crystal !    
We were found in 1989 , meanwhile our business was concnetrated in trade only. In 1992, after our business tended to be stable and the profit went on increase, with our accumulative experience and huge skilled power, we built up our plant in Shanghai.    
For easy co-operation and communication between Hong Kong and Shanghai, we placed two branch offices, Shenzhen and Dongguan.    
In 2006, we attempted to diversify more our product. We add a new product as well, sip resistor.    
In 2010, after conferring with Citizen Finedevice Co Ltd in Japan, for serveral years, we were sucessful in being her authorized wholesaler in Crystal Resonator, Tuning Fork and Oscillator. Henceforth we can supply quotation, sample, product and as well as service provided by Citizen Finedevice Co Ltd to our customers directly.    
This year we are planning to establish another new branch in Canada, for serving and operating customers in North America and South America more easily and more accessible. This expanding network is expected to connect us more to global more deeply and more promptly.    
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